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About Me

About Me


I am Camille Fraser, thank you so much for your interest in my work. I have spent years refining my artistry to create beautiful lasting images. My goal is to capture authentic moments in a style that brings vibrance to every picture.  You are my pivot, your story, your brilliance. I can capture photos that let your warmth and love shine through. Together, let's find the beauty in life. 

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My Work & Style 

I am a Canon Girl. I shoot on Canon bodies with a mixture of Canon Lenses. I shoot with mostly prime lenses, which means I zoom with my body, not my camera to create a beautiful space between me and the client. Hello!


I am absolutely there 100% of the process, I naturally love music so I have that playing in the background as I shoot. I offer posing which is provided on site. 

With my session, a lot of the time I prefer that client does not look at me at all, and completely look at their love ones the entire time, for genuineness. 

My Favorite Sessions

Sadly there are photographers who refuse to work with exceptional children. BUT BY NO MEANS AM I ONE. I love capturing all walks of life, and absolutely adore special needs  sessions above all else. 

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